Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some answers to the more commonly asked questions.


How do I get a library card?
Residents of Brule, Buffalo, Lyman and Charles Mix counties are included in the Library’s primary service area.

Identification is required to receive a library card. Any of the following may be used as proof of physical address/identification:

     Drivers license
Voter Registration
Paid bill
Rent Receipt
Personalized checks

All other in-state or out-of state residents will be issued a temporary card, provided that they are able to supply verification via a current driver’s license, and by paying a $25 cash refundable fee. There is a borrowing limit of 3 items per checkout on a temporary card.

Borrowers must abide by the policies of Cozard Memorial Library or surrender their library privileges.

Borrowers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a registration card for them.

Cozard Memorial Library staff will not act as censor for any materials checked out by children.

Parent or guardian will be responsible for all items checked out on the child's card, as well as any fines or charges on the card.

Borrowers must agree to pay for overdue, lost, or damaged materials checked out to their library card.

New Patrons
New patrons are defined as listed below:

1.     Individuals or families who are new to the community.

2.     Local residents not previously registered as patrons of Cozard Memorial Library.

 New patrons are limited to one item per check out at a time, for a period of 90 days. They must return that item before checking out another one. After the 90 day period, they will be able to check out as many items as they are willing to be responsible for, providing the patron has established credibility and patron accountability in both the proper care of materials and the prompt return of materials borrowed.



How long can I check out a book
Loan periods are as follows: unless otherwise specified, all items may be kept for 28 days, with one renewal: new adult fiction, non-fiction, magazines and audio books may be kept for 14 days; videos 2 days.



What are the fines for overdue items?
Anyone with overdue library materials is subject to a fine on a per item basis. Please remember that fines keep accruing until the item is returned. If you cannot pay the fine that you have accumulated, please don't let that stop you from returning the overdue item, the fines stop accruing  and you can pay the fine at a later date. Our interest Is getting the item back so it is available for other patrons.

Fines are $.20 a day per item on all library materials, except videos and DVD's which have a $2.00 rental, if overdue. There is a two day grace period on all items except videos and DVD's, fines will start accruing on the third day an item is overdue.



Can I reserve or renew items?
If an item you are looking for is owned by us but checked out, you may reserve it and we will notify you when it is ready for you to pick up. We will hold an item for 5 days, so be sure to pick them up promptly.



Interlibrary Loan
If we do not own an item, please ask about Interlibrary loan. We may be able to get the item from another library in the state. Materials borrowed from another library are subject to the rules and regulations of the loaning library.


We charge $1.00 per page to send or receive a FAX.


Anyone who wishes to memorialize a loved one with a book can bring a memorial contribution to the library. The staff will then purchase a book with the loved one’s interests in mind. A memorial card will be attached to the book listing the donor and the person in whose memory the gift is made.


We give out bags to keep our books safe, help us to recycle by reusing your bag for library books. Thank you.